Exceptional Spray-On Bedliners

Protect your investment with a Line-X spray-on bedliner from Great Lakes Line-x. With tough protection at no cost to the environment, your truck will be ready for any hauling projects you need to complete.

Rest assured knowing that your Line-X spray-on bedliner will last for a long time since it permanently bonds to your truck bed. You'll be glad to know that your LINE-X bedliner has a lifetime nationwide warranty. Call us at 815-455-0123 to schedule your service.

Add extra protection to your truck with undercoating and rustproofing! Go for our $425 undercoating and rustproof package. Act quickly as this package originally costs $560 and is available only for a limited time!
black protective bedliner

Line-X Bedliner Coating for Extra Protection

Keep your truck's bedliner protected from every angle with a Line-X spray-on coating. Avoid gouges, rips, and tears when you have our experienced team install a top-quality Line-X bedliner on your truck.

You'll even reserve all of your cargo space and still have plenty of room for bed lids, camper shells, and 5th wheel hitches. Schedule your spray-on coating installation service today. Call us today for more details.

Regardless of what kind of truck you have, make sure to protect your truck with an impact-absorbing spray-on liner.

Benefits of Choosing a Spray-On Line-X Bedliner

  • Impact-absorbing
  • A lifetime warranty
  • Durable protection
  • Protection from every angle
  • Your accessories will still fit
  • Lab-tested and real-world tested liners
  • Chemical resistant and ready for immediate use
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"I recently had the running boards sprayed for a 1940 Hudson which turned out BETTER than the rubber that it originally had. It looks great and you can even stand on them. GREAT product. Thanks."

- Charles P.
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